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I love them for there strength, courage, intellect, loyalty.
This site is dedicated for only the Neapolitan Mastiff breed.
Neopolitan Kennel, The worlds finest Danish Neapolitan Mastiff Breeder.
My goal in life is to make the worlds most healthy Neopolitan Mastiff.



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My name is Martin Mathiassen i am born in 1968 in Copenhagen Denmark.


I am married to Pia and we have to kids Cecilie 11 years old and Thomas 8 years old.


We live in our 242m2 house in Hundested with our new family member Contesa.


I work as a IT-consultan as security, service and support specialist and my wife work as a service specialist for the local healthdepartment.


For 9 1/2 years ago i did see a picture of a mastino and a little girl it was on and since then i worked my way to finaly got my first class puppie from Unique & Magnificent and she is so buitifull and i am greathfull for Sonja Skok helped with our princess Contesa.


My daughter have her own horse Pondus witch she use most of her time on and she become a very skilled horseback ridder.


Our son use his time on computer like me and boyscouting wich i also is boyscout leader for and have that for the last 2 years.


My hope is to make the most healthy Neapolitan Mastiff in the world.


I also noticed that too many people had wrong impression about this breed and one of my goals is to change that.


The Neapolitan Mastino is a majestic dog wich have lived longer then any other race.


My oppinion is my alone and and is NOT  a oppinion of one of the organisations i am part of and i am very strickt in my oppinion and that have to do with the knowledge i have from having dogs since i was 5 years old.


I do mean that every thing is possible on making the dog the way you want the one thing i do care about is that 95% of the must be kept within the race etics and instinct.


One thing i am against is to keep the temperment it has to be controlled so that you dont have a Neapolitan Mastiff on 100 kg going crazy wich you cant controlle and we do not need that in Denmark to many morrons/smartasses have bought a wardog/muschledog just as a potence enhancer wich says more about the morrons/smartasses who got the dog and the breeder there sold the dog wich i am very much against.





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Martin Mathiassen

Martin Mathiassen Owner of Neopolitan