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Contesa have passet mental test


Contesa have passet her mental test today 06-06-2009 with no faults





Contesa´s Bio Updated

Contesa weight have been updated






Kennel Certificate Recived

We got our Kennel Certificate.





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Welcome to our Website

Welcome to our website

We are looking for the right stud in the second half of 2010

Contesa wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

In the memory of Sonja Skok from

Unique & Magnificent

We will never forget you!

I will like to thank Rikke ,Carsten, Mullebab, Sibon and Klibklab from Passione Del Mastino for there hospitality and help
I wouldt not have come this fare so fast without there help and for using there photos of there Mastino's
But they will be changed with my own pictures when i have some to put on my site.

Neopolitan Mastiff


The first time i did see a picture of a Neopolitan MAstiff was 9 years a go and was on a site called Altafirumara.com

and then for 2 years a go i was serten that i want a Neopolitan Mastiff as my next dog.

This time is has to be more than just a famely dog it has to be with health, carisma and strong blodlines of the breed as 1 first priority.

My first Mastino will be carefully picked from a first class breeder and then propperly trained and execiesed since i will content on most show i the Nordic Regions

and this is of curse for winning the shows and the beat all other contesters since i will have the finnest female Neopolitan Mastiff of them all.


World Dogshow 2010


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