I love them for there strength, courage, intellect, loyalty.
This site is dedicated for only the Neopolitan Mastiff breed.
Neopolitan Kennel, The worlds finest Danish Neopolitan Mastiff Breeder.
My goal in life is to make the worlds most healthy Neopolitan Mastiff.



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Training Classes

First you will have to decide what you will do with your dog before getting it is it just a pet or do you really want to do something with it.

But i recommend that you start early with puppie classes but keep in mind that a Neapolitan Mastiff is a very large dog so make sure to get on a class with only big dogs.

Why the smaller dogs have a higher activity level that might get your Neo to brake a leg when trying to play with same speed as the small dogs do and

becurse the bone structure is fractile and a Neo do have loose lems and joints that might be hurt when trying to play with small dogs.



I will recommend that you start with a professinal dog trainner.

I personaly uses Leerburg Dog tranning programs combined with the a proffessinal dog trainner thru Dansk Kennel Klub"Danish Kennel Club"

The reason that i thoose the way i do is that i thru out my life with dogs since i was 5 years old do have a pretty good way with dogs and now i will take it furter and start to learn more difficult aspects og trainning and livving with dogs.

We started early from 3 to 6 month with the basic commands like Sit, Come, Down, No, Yes and also not to pull the lease and contact excercise and potty on command

From 6-9 month we moved on to Heal, Stay, Fetch, No Bite, Sit, Come, Down, No, Yes, No pulling, Contact excercises, Drop items, Search, Wait, Stop, Go , jump(this is only done with small jumps no more then 15 c m ) and mostly Contesa just walked right over but this give her the felling on later when we will make Contesa jump on command.



I socialize my Mastino with dogs that i know and i wouldt never let a strange dog come near my dog and i step between my Mastino and the strange dog and if it get to close it wouldt not be nice for the strange dog i will shout that it must go away and if that dosent get the handler to stop the dog i will use my size 44 and the if no result i will use peperspray or my leather lease as a whip to keep the strange dog way.

A woman i meet yesterday say "i am just tranning my rottwieler puppie on 40kg" with out lease when going on the streets and comibed with babycarrige is pure stupid. She wouldt never be able to step in action if her puppie goes out of control and she got very mad that i sugesrted that she used a lease when walking the dog when passing me on the streets where she have to grip the collar of the dog wich escalates the temperment in the puppie this is where most problems starts with handler that dosent realise what they have to deal with wich will result in that the dog can get in truble just becurse of the handler have a ego issue. 

I do socialize my Neo in controlled inverioments and only with dogs i have joined on tranning classes or i know in front of the meeting but i do never let my dog near a strange dog

and this is never ever done unsupervised by me i will always be near my princcess and protect her in any case of truble with the other dog.



When a Neo is a puppie it is your most highest priority to make sure the Neo dont hurt it self and thats is including carring the Neo on stairs until the Neo is 12 month or older

Stairs should be limited for the Neo i have made a special ramp since Contesa weight more than 54kg. already the ramp is in a 22 angel degree so Contesa's joints and bones are saved for any hard impact on the joints and bones i have changed our home so Contesa never must claim anything higher then 5 cm.

We go to the beach for running excercise but only on Contesa's free will to run and play with me and the family if Contesa stop then we head strait home under 500 meters away.

Daily we take small walkes around the neighburhood we have made 4 rutes we use one is 3-500 meters next is 1000-11000 meters and then we have 1300-1400 meters and last wich we use very rearly it is on 2000-25000 meters we take this once a moth when we are out with the boyscouts and Contesa loves to take this walk with the kids and never show any sign of tiredness if we do see signs on Contesa getting tired or stressed we stop immidiadly and then we relax and head strait home.



I will train tracking since my princess must have a job role so she not will get borred and so i will get the exercise when you past the 40 exercise is a good thing.

I will write the progress on tracking trainning.

We started in the small leage on tracking we started to make tracks inside the house with food rewards and we have tryed it once outside but

Contesa is to fast to follow the food track and just go after the sent in the air and she do this with razer sharp precision.

We have made a track with food reward and a isolated area witch is near the beach and with no others in the area we made 20 m strait track with a sharp turn to the left for 6 meters and in a little hole in the ground my daugther hide her self for Contesa but when i released 'Contesa she ignored the food track and she did just go after the sent of my daughter and find her strait away.



I will NOT train agility with my Mastino since it is risky on the bone structure and wouldt prefere not to ingure my princess on a game wich it is not for a Mastino.

She can get the same execise with trips to the beach wich a within 500m and steam hills right next to the beach,.



This i have to say my Mastino is NOT a circus dog it is a family and work dog and will not teach her tricks.

But that seems my daughter to take care of and have teach Contesa to give Left or Right Paw on command and lay down with crossed legs as a lady.